i'm an angel, i'm a devil i am sometimes in between. i'm as bad as it can get and good as it can be. sometimes i'm a million colors, sometimes i'm black and white. i am all extremes. try and figure me out you never can, there's so many things i am. i am special, i am beautiful, i am wonderful and powerful, unstoppable. sometimes i'm miserable, sometimes i'm pitiful, but thats so typical of all the things i am.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

it might stop

if i pretend like it doesn't hurt, then maybe it won't
maybe it will stop
i'll be comfortably numb
with feelings and the nagging want
but i won't hurt
i won't cry
i won't fall apart
maybe if i smile through it enough i'll smile for real
i'll be okay
perhaps some saving grace
will scoop my heart up
and calm it down so i no longer ache
but i'll never stop wanting it
i'll never quit praying
which unfortunately
means it won't stop hurting
if only the hurt
eventually paid off
fingers crossed
forever and always

Thursday, December 4, 2014

maybe next time

it felt so close. but i guess it wasn't mine, again, this time.
maybe next time. but how many times have i said that?
my heart is more broken than its been before.
i wanted it so bad. i believed it completely. i had it.
there are other plans for me.
and my time will come in a better time.
patience has never been my game, but its time to learn it.
these things always work out for a reason, you know?
i just hope these brilliant wishes come true soon.
its all i've wanted and its what i need.
it will happen. i still believe in that.
for now...
my faith and trust is in grander hands - and my love and i are blessed beyond blessed.

Monday, September 8, 2014

learning to find my need

inside these friendly corners i have found true happiness and i have been learning - but not yet taught - a valuably lesson in patience. patience for me. so many things i want, only some things i need. and as these lessons have hit me from every angle with every tactic, i've found that i have everything i need but that one blessing. the things i want.. i have less than half. but compared to my last need, what good are the wants, anyway? i've been learning to prioritize in the grandest, sometimes painful ways. but finally, somehow i convinced my way into working - really working towards this last need. and because of this opportunity i'm only filled with more happiness. a happiness that i'm working on making the purest kind of joy.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

my younger self

i've been looking for you
in every positive corner
my younger self
thought you'd be here by now.
nothing has been official
notifications haven't discussed
but i've always been fond
of surprises.
and my younger self
thought you'd come.
every line in this house
makes me desperately need you
and i bend and break
when you're lost
as you've always been.
waits are worth it.
waits are worth it.
but waits are agonizing
and fill me with doubt and fear.
the very opposite of you.
i know you're looking, too
maybe you are looking harder
but plans don't always align
how the two of us wish they would.
linked through stars
and wishes, hopes and dreams.
until then, thats how we'll connect.
if only you could enlighten me with 'when'
then maybe my heart would beat slower
and my eyes wouldn't be so weary
from the never ending search.
but you can't.
i can't find you. i can't hear you. i can't feel you.
so i'll search until i can.
my younger self and my current self
still believe in you.

Monday, June 30, 2014


cloud nine
its never been so beautiful
airy and blissful
each lemony day has been lace filled
and every moment creates an aesthetic euphoria 
happiness was never explained to me like this
no one ever said
that even the bad days
would be beautiful
in comparison to older days
what pure beauty you've given my soul
its the lovey dovey ooey gooey chick flick love
but multiply that by infinity
and sugar coat it even more than i did
the most wonderful thing in life
is this
you for me
you in this world
you loving me

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

the cloud above bliss

my heart is full
(its something i try to quit
and i'm not ever sure why
because its what i love
but here i am
and as i said before
my heart is full
i always wished
for something beautiful
but i never imagined
it'd be this beautiful
darling, did you know
you've fixed every broken piece
you have lifted my soul
my heart you have filled
i have confidence
i only once dreamed of
you put the puzzle pieces together
and created a lacy heaven
for me
i am on the highest cloud
floating over pure bliss and joy
you are mine
nothing else matters so much
eternity with a man
better than my dreams created
eternity with my man
you, craig
my heart is full
because you filled it
with all its ever needed

Thursday, January 23, 2014

here comes the spill

i am everything i didn't want to be.
anxious. nervous. a wreck. frantic. worried. {very} heavy hearted. sick to my stomach. fearful. weak. anxious. anxious. anxious.
the word 'fail' is all it took to send me into the occasional downward spiral. i am at a loss for words and eager to relearn what my kind of hope is. oh, how i need it. need. i really do.
but today - this afternoon - why can i not keep that calm inside my heart that now is racing and begging my brain to go to sleep so it can stop feeling.
this afternoon was just perfect there in that holy room where holy people are -- all after one thing. getting better. trying to be perfect. pleasing God and forgetting man.
in that moment, i did all of that. with tears in my eyes and a heart near bursting with joy and confidence.

where did it go? why am i here in my robe, sitting on the floor...miserable?
i want to do good. i want to prove to myself what i can do. no more failure. no more embarrassment. no more 'what if's' and 'should have's'. no. hopefully next time.. monday will be full of 'hoorays' and 'i did its'. oh, wouldn't that be icing on the cake?